About us

Högskolefastigheter i Jönköping AB (HÖFAB) has the task of providing and efficiently managing appropriate and attractive premises, and thus contributing to the continuing development of the university’s operations in the Municipality of Jönköping. The company manages properties in both Jönköping and Gränna and must demonstrate financial stability and a long-term perspective.

Campus Gränna AB owns and manages the properties that Jönköping University uses for its operations. Our buildings include premises for education and administration, as well as restaurants and student accommodation. Several of the buildings are valuable examples of our cultural heritage. For more information, visit Campus Gränna AB.

Amela Baksic

Finance and administration

Erling Johnsen

Property developer

Stefan Bodin

Site manager HÖFAB / Property manager Campus Gränna Building:Campus Gränna

Claes-Göran Elm

Maintenance technician Building:House G, J (HHJ, Campus Arena)

Mikael Falk

Maintenance engineer Building:House A, B (HS, JIBS)

Sofie Jardefors

Maintenance technician Building:House C, H, K (Biblioteket, HLK, HS)

Daniel Rydh

Maintenance technician Building:House D & E (Stud.H & JTH)

History of the university site

The land occupied by the university premises was originally an industrial site. Jönköpings Mekaniska Werkstad erected the first factory buildings here during the 1860s, and the historical character of the area has to some extent been preserved. For example, parts of the new University Library are housed in the former foundry hall.