New in our facilities

Hi there, new to our facilities?


We are HÖFAB (Högskolefastigheter I Jönköping AB), the owner of the Jönköping University facilities.  We are seven employees including our CEO Göran Carlsson. You will find us in the north east corner of the yard, in the Students’ house.

We have a lot of technical equipment in our facilities to offer you the best possible experience.  We are certified by Swedish environment standards (Svensk miljöbas) and always aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


The lighting in our corridors is mainly automated and is controlled by movement, sunlight and time. At daytime when it’s light outside the lighting is turned down by two-thirds. The last third is turned off if no movement is detected. As soon as there is movement the lights light up automatically. It is always possible to turn on the lights manually if so desired. The lights in the classrooms must be turned on manually but will automatically turn off after approximately 20 minutes if forgotten to turn it off manually.


Ventilation in all of the rooms built for 4 or more persons is demand controlled which means that there are sensors in these rooms that are constantly measuring the quality of the air. If the sensors detect a high amount of carbon dioxide in the air the ventilation is activated until desired air quality is achieved. There are also sensors that measure the temperature in the room which activate heating or cooling to keep the room temperature at approximately 22°C.

For the sensors to be able to detect the right amount of carbon dioxide and right temperature in the rooms it is important that windows and doors are closed at all times, please help us with that.

Fire alarm

The facilities are equipped with evacuation alarms. If the alarms are sounding please leave the facilities immediately. Follow the emergency exit signs. If you see smoke then you should leave in the opposite direction from the smoke and follow the exit signs in that direction.